Does SUP Clothing Matter?

SUPs are getting pretty popular, now. Especially among coastal communities, but you can even see them in the middle of the US floating around in small lakes. This is because they’re accessibly priced, easy to get used to, and overall, fun. 

However, you might be hearing a lot about SUP clothing, too. If a SUP is similar to a surfboard, and the surfer crowd wears basically whatever it wants, is SUP clothing really necessary? 

Well, as it turns out, it really depends on what you’re doing. Let’s take a look before you rush out to buy random SUP clothes.

Where are You Riding?

Where you’re riding your SUP has a huge impact on whether or not you need SUP clothing, and what type of SUP clothing you need, for that matter. 

If you’re just casually paddling around a cove, or in your local lake, no. You don’t need any special clothes. You can easily wear your swimsuit and be just fine. In fact, that’s probably best, since you’ll likely want to jump in for a quick swim. 

On the other hand, if you’re riding further out in the ocean, where it can get colder, or if you’re in particularly rough water that can hurt your skin if you get tossed around, it might be necessary to pick up some specialized clothing. 

What are You Doing? 

There is a very big difference between casually paddling into a calm cove to do some yoga and fishing among the brush in secluded inlets. 

If you’re doing something like yoga, it’s fine to wear your swimsuit or whatever is the most comfortable for you. There aren’t any dangerous items being used, and you likely aren’t doing it in bad weather. 

However, if you’re fishing, you’ll be messing with knives, hooks, pliers, and of course, fish. All of those things can hurt you if you slip and fall on them, and you need some extra protection. For this reason, it’s ideal to wear some specialized clothing, and don’t forget to wear a life jacket to offset the fact that you’ll be weighed down by clothes. 

What is the Weather Like?

Finally, the weather is the next thing you need to worry about. In the summertime, in water that is close to shore or is something like a lake, the water will be relatively warm and safe if you get wet. If you’re using your SUP to race and going further out into the ocean, sometimes at night or early in the morning before the temperature rises, the water can be freezing. You need a wetsuit or some other specialized clothing items. 

SUP Clothing Matters

Sup clothing does matter. It can prevent hypothermia, allow for better movement, or protect you from sharp objects you’re using. However, it largely depends on what you’re doing as to whether or not specialized SUP clothing is necessary. The average SUP user can just wear their swimsuit. So, make sure to identify what you’ll be doing on your SUP and what the conditions will be like, and then dress accordingly. 

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