Does Cbd Oil Help Arthritis? – According To Doctor Monika Wassermann

The Rheumatoid Arthritis Support Network recommends cannabidiol as an effective treatment for arthritis-related pain, but exactly how does cbd oil help arthritis

Doctor Monika Wassermann notes that it’s because it not only reduces joint inflammation but also acts as a neuroprotectant. What Type of CBD Do CBD Gummies Contain? CBD and THC and is available in tinctures from suppliers such as JustCBD, has been researched and proven to be a very effective source for reducing joint pain associated with arthritis and reducing pain in its users. Reading led to the discovery of evidence that CBD itself can provide many health benefits, including pain and inflammation, leading to the belief that CBD balms and other products could be effective pain relievers for people with arthritis.

Although there is not much evidence that oral CBD (cannabidiol) alone can treat arthritis symptoms, the combination of these two cannabinoids has been shown to be effective in relieving arthritis pain. It has been observed that the combination of CBD and THC alone tends to be more effective than CBD alone when it comes to pain management. Research shows that cannabidiol (CBD) can help reduce chronic pain by affecting the activity of endocannabinoid receptors, which can also reduce inflammation.

While there are anecdotal reports from people claiming that CBD helps treat joint pain such as rheumatoid arthritis, more human research is needed to understand the benefits of CBD for joint pain. Human trials have not provided conclusive evidence for the use of CBD for the treatment of arthritis pain. While preliminary research is very promising, long-term, large-scale human studies are still needed for researchers to fully understand the effects of CBD on arthritis symptoms.

A 2020 review concluded that it remains difficult to conclude whether CBD alone can be an effective treatment or used in isolation for pain relief. Research on the use and effectiveness of CBD has just begun and further longitudinal studies are needed to evaluate the side effects and effectiveness of CBD use. CBD promises to reduce the side effects of arthritis, but longer-term studies are needed to find out if CBD can prevent and completely cure arthritis.

Doctor Monika Wassermann, whose medical expertise form a solid base for her health writings that cover the likes of CBD use, also notes that CBD has shown promise in reducing the side effects and symptoms of common arthritis by interacting with ECS to reduce inflammation and reduce pain. CBD has been shown to help treat knee arthritis, a very painful condition, by reducing pain and inflammation caused by bone-to-bone contact. CBD has been associated with pain relief, relief of symptoms of arthritis, fibromyalgia, and spinal injuries, reduced inflammation, and aiding in epilepsy treatment by significantly reducing seizures.

What’s more, there is some evidence that CBD may have a positive effect on the inflammation that causes certain types of arthritis, meaning that CBD may directly help treat the condition. In fact, one study found that CBD was so effective at reducing inflammation that it slowed the progression of arthritis in rats. Synthetic CBD-like compounds reduce inflammation, pain sensation, and joint damage in rheumatoid arthritis mice and rats.

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