Christmas Wish List Activities For the Entire Family

The holidays are upon us once again, and we can’t wait to spend our days exploring the wonders of the universe and other fun activities. No doubt you’re looking for great ways to spend time with your children this year too. In this article, I’ve outlined some great activities for young scientists as well as the younger crowd. Find all of your science and/or math needs in one place this holiday season. Your holiday activities planning just became a lot easier thanks to my little tip. Enjoy!

Teens love math and science, and so do their parents. You can encourage your kids’ holiday activities with the same purpose in mind – to learn. Make sure to include lots of math and science themed holiday activities for this age group. Let’s take a look at some great ways to encourage your kids to enjoy their holiday stumbles.

Encourage learning with fun science games – The old standard for holiday activities is to offer plain cardboard boxes or cutouts in a color that matches the theme of the decorations. But this approach is boring, and boring is bad for us, kids and especially for the brain. Instead, choose a variety of fun, low-key science experiments and learn to manipulate objects in a fun way. You might want to try slime machines, liquid solution for salt, or even bubbles with dry ice. There are plenty of free online stem activities to choose from if you’re going for simplicity.

Take advantage of holiday specials on appliances – Most people forget to save money when shopping for Christmas and New Year’s gifts. But the big discounts at retailers on major appliances, as well as the seasonal sales on various goods, make this a particularly good time to save on your budget. Look for sales on new stoves, new washers and dryers, electric motors, and even elliptical trainers. In fact, some holiday specials are specifically devoted to science products, such as the New Year’s Eve special on electric motors and appliances. Look for specials on science kits as well, since they are often sold at very reasonable prices. Take advantage of every opportunity to teach your children about science in the classroom.

Think out of the box with unique science fair projects – One of the easiest types of holiday activities for kids is to make a project out of a theme. For instance, you can make a science fair project out of vegetables or fruits using the theme of the holiday. This is especially helpful for kids who have trouble visualizing how things work, and even easier for those who already enjoy experimenting. These types of holiday activities are a great way to foster creativity in your children, and they also serve as a great way to teach your kids about the basics of science.

Donate to a charity through homemade gifts – If you don’t like the idea of leaving expensive electronics or cooking tools under the tree for the whole family to discover later, you can still give something to a charity during the holidays. There are a number of different holiday activities that you can choose to donate to your local homeless shelter, from cooking and craft ideas to baking and art supplies. To make the most out of your donations, you can have them personalized with your child’s name or other details so that he or she can remember them throughout the year. Just think about the potential impact that this could have on your child’s self-esteem! If your child isn’t struggling with any issues, this is one of the most enjoyable and effective holiday activities you can participate in.

Participate in the local homeless shelter’s activities – Did you know that most shelters accept children as young as three? While your children may not be old enough to volunteer at the local homeless shelter, you can still participate in their favorite holiday activities. To get the most out of your experience, be sure to visit the local homeless shelter and give them a call on the day before your holiday activities to find out if you can take your children. Most shelters need people to wrap presents for their clients, so if you are able to help out, it’s an easy way to show your support for the less fortunate members of our community.

Buy one, get one free – Yes, this holiday activity is admittedly rather silly, but it’s one that most parents will likely never stop buying for their kids. Ask your local mall or retail store if they have any “buy one, get one free” promotions. You can fill out a wish list, bring your kids with you, and the kids can shop in exchange for you shopping for them.

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