Can your bike be a substitute for the car? Here is what you should consider

Nothing is better on a nice day than being out on the road or trail on your very own bike. Riding a bike can be a lot of fun, a great form of exercise, and even a good mode of transportation. It can be such a great mode of transportation that some people even consider getting rid of their car entirely and replacing its use with a bike. There are a variety of factors to take into consideration before you sell your car and commit fully to riding your bike.


One of the first things to think about if you are trying to get rid of your car is the weather. While it may be great during the warm months of the year to simply hop on your bike, this is not as easy to do when it is cold outside. In fact, it can be very dangerous to try and ride your bike when the weather slips below a certain point. Snowy and icy roads can be very hazardous. Further, if you are trying to share the road, drivers of cars may not be expecting to see you on your bike during the winter.

Injury and Sickness

For most people, getting on a bike and using it to get around makes a lot of sense and is easy to do. However, all people do get sick or injured at some point. When this occurs, it can be next to impossible to go for a ride. In these situations, you may feel stuck if you do not have a car. Fortunately, through the use of ride-share programs, it is often easy to find someone that would be willing to give you a ride when you need it.

Bike Equipment

If you are going to get rid of your car and ride your bike more, you need to make sure you get all of the right equipment. Your local bike shop can get you all that you need. This can include a new lock, safety gear, and even maintenance services to ensure your bike is ready to withstand the increased usage.


While there are some important factors to consider that could make it hard to get rid of your car entirely, you should also consider all of the benefits that come with it. One of the main benefits of getting rid of your car is that it will force you to be more active. If you need to rely on your bike or free to get around, you will burn a lot more calories on a daily basis.

Another advantage of only using a bike is that it can save a lot of money. If you own a car that comes with a car loan or lease payment, you could end up spending a lot of money. On the other hand, owning a bike can be less expensive. The cost of a bike includes the initial purchase price, the cost of maintenance, and the cost of accessories like helmets, lights, and locks, which is generally low compared to cars. Furthermore, bike parking is usually cheaper than car parking, and you can easily find an affordable monthly parking space.

In conclusion, getting rid of your car and relying on your bike can help you become more active, save money, and reduce carbon emissions. However, it is imperative to consider the pros and cons of both options before deciding. In general, biking benefits outweigh the cost and convenience of owning a car easily.

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