British Youth Cyclists to Lookout For

For all that 2016 has had to offer, one standout observation which comes to mind is that of how it’s been quite the year for British cycling, not so much by way of the well-known, established cyclists, but rather by way of what the future appears to have in store for us. The future of British cycling does indeed appear to be super bright with many of the UK’s up-and-comers representing the nation well and making us proud in some of the world’s biggest sporting events.

With specific reference to cycling, family-operated cycling equipment specialist Leisure Lakes Bikes took a look at some of the outstanding youth cycling races which took place over the past few months or so to see just what the future has in store.

Two key age groups came into focus, namely under-14s and under-16s (both boys and girls) as these are the two age groups at which some raw talent in just about any sporting code starts to show itself, particularly at the age of 14. At under-16 level, this depicted raw talent has likely had a bit of coaching added to it, giving a clearer indication as to whether or not there is potential for it to be developed into something really special and competitive.

Under 14 girls to keep an eye on:

In this crucial age group, five names stood out (with their respective current and year-end cycling clubs), namely Becky Surridge (Backstedt Cycling and VC Londres), Emma Finucane (Towy Riders), Maisy Vasic (Sportcity Velo), Eve Barrow (Salt Ayre Cog Set) and Danielle Parker (Cycle Specific). Becky Surridge leads the way in with a dominance in her accolades which saw her finishing first, but at this stage the early potential shown by all cyclists can still be developed in so many different ways.

Under 14 boys to keep an eye on:

The four U14 boys who caught the eye include Oliver Stockwell, Robert Donaldson, Junior Jackson and Emile Alexander, whose respective cycling clubs are Welwyn Wheelers CC, Mossley CRT, Mossley CRT again and Lichfield City CC. Between them, these promising lads placed first and ranked highly in events such as the Maindy Flyers Circuit Races event, Isle of Man Youth Tour and many others.

Under 16 girls to keep an eye on:

Pfeiffer Georgi’s name leads the pack as the most promising U16 female cyclist. The Liv Cycling Club — Epic Coaching member placed first in most of the events she took part in, while the likes of Alana Prior, Ellie Russell, Elynor Backstedt and Anna Docherty make up the list of promising U16 girls.

Under 16 boys to keep an eye on:

Mathew Shaw finishing first in three of the events he took part in perhaps gives him the edge by way of the most promising of the U16 boys, but the likes of William Draper, Ethan Vernon, Jim Brown and Jack Ford show signs of the kind of consistency in their performances which is synonymous with the makings of what is required to go on and make a success out of cycling.

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