Best ways to go sightseeing in London

There are many ways to explore the beautiful city of London, so don’t just spend too much on cab rides. From going atop a bus to kayaking on Thames River, there is so much to do. Check out smarter ways to explore London to make the most of your trip and your money.

  1. Kayaking on the Thames

If you want to sway pass some of the iconic sightseeing places in London, you must kayak on the Thames. The river not only takes you under the famous Tower Bridge but also lets you witness places like Houses of Parliament, St Paul’s Cathedral, Tate Modern and Coca-Cola London Eye. You might not literally want to visit each of these, but why not get an up-close image to share?

  • Everything is close to you

Are you planning to get a Tube to go from Charing Cross to Covent Garden – don’t! These two places are a 10-minute walk away and let you go past the Adelphi Theatre, Savoy Hotel, London Transport Museum, and also the Covent Garden Market. Just keep your Google maps open and navigate the place you want to explore next.

  • Tour on top-deck buses

Open top-deck buses are quite an attraction for visitors that come from abroad. You must check out the hop on and hop off bus tours that can take you to some of the iconic places. These bus tickets include live commentary, free walking tours, and sometimes lets you cruise too. Check out the company phone numbers that can help avail such tickets and you’re in for some low-cost adventure time.

  • Don’t leave the nights

Take enough rest during the afternoon or at least one of the days of to tour, so that you can enjoy the night time. There are several museums and art galleries that have late openings for special exhibitions. You simply need to enquire about your interests and you’d have the top options for you. Let us also not miss out on the exotic nightlife that you might wish to experience too.

  • Twist the panoramic experiences

Make sure you always looking up when you walk the streets of London. There are several architectural marvels that you can miss just because it is not on your bucket list. You can simply come across the best of panoramic views, if you don’t, get to a rooftop bar!

6.    Don’t get stuck at Zone One

We know that there is a lot to do in the central, but you shouldn’t spend too much time. Move to places like Greenwich to experience the quieter side of the city or visit the Brixton Village Market to understand the real lifestyle of the locals. An easy and quick way to explore London is to take a day trip around the city and visit the best attractions here. Check out the themed tours for sightseeing as they are fancy and incredible.

There are several ways to travel cheap through the city, provided you book the tickets in advance. If you have little time or you are on a tight budget, planning ahead will help you more.

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