Best SUP Spots In The South Of France

When you think of the South of France, what comes to mind? Celebrity? Wealth? Glimmering coastline? Well, there’s one more perk you should add to that checklist: SUP opportunities galore. This gorgeous region is one of the best SUP destinations in Europe. Here are some of the best SUP spots in the South of France to explore on your next trip.

1. Cannes

You may know Cannes for its renowned film festival, but this beautiful French Riviera city is about more than Hollywood fame. Cannes’ location along the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea make it an excellent place to hop on a SUP. That’s right: you can learn to paddle board where the movie stars play. The Bay of Cannes offers a flatwater experience with expansive views you’ll love.

2. Nice

As one of France’s most beloved beach towns, Nice is no stranger to water enthusiasts – including paddlers. This gem of a destination is home to fantastic flat water SUP opportunities on the Mediterranean, and nearly nonstop sunshine. Back on land, you can soak up the city’s relaxed pace and Belle Époque architecture, but something tells us you won’t want to leave the water too often!

3. Saint-Jean-De-Luz

Saint-Jean-de-Luz is a charming Basque country fishing town that has witnessed its fair share of history, including as a 1600s getaway for the former French royal family. On most days, the local harbor is an excellent opportunity for flat water paddling, but occasionally, it will see an influx of waves that are perfect for more advanced paddlers. (In a place with such varying water conditions, be sure you check the weather and the surf forecast in advance so you know how to choose a paddle board that’s well equipped for your day.) SUP has become increasingly popular in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, so you’re likely to meet a few new SUP-loving friends out on the water.

4. Biarritz

Another Basque country gem, Biarritz has a long history as a relaxing resort town. Its invigorating waves attract surfers from across the country, and SUP surfing enthusiasts will have a great time here. The Biarritz coast is full of energy, with great restaurants and plenty of friendly vacationers, so you’ll never be bored when you head back to land.

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