Best Places to Kayak in New Zealand

When it comes time to have a bit of fun with the family, there are a number of things to do for free in Auckland, New Zealand. Visitors come from all over the world to explore some of the most beautiful scenery imaginable and residents of the country are also thrilled with finding free and inexpensive activities they can enjoy with literally every member of the group, no matter how young or how old. If you are looking for something to do in the coming summer months, why not take a tour of the islands and kayak along some of the world’s most scenic waters?


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Starting from Populous Auckland

Visitors who come to New Zealand for the very first time generally start out from the nation’s most populous area on the North Island. Here they find Hauraki Gulf with its ‘emerald islands’, crystal clear blue waters and a great number of activities besides kayaking. If the family owns its own kayak then a day on the water is totally free, however, for a nominal price you can rent kayaks and other small vessels. The activity is still free but the rental may cost a little.

Abel Tasman National Park

Next on the list is Abel Tasman National Park. Going from the largest urban concentration of people on the North Island in Auckland to the smallest of New Zealand’s national parks, you can enjoy some solitude while the family kayaks along the water. Visitors from around the globe proclaim the waters offshore of New Zealand to be some of the crystal clearest anywhere on earth and in the warmth of summer, a perfect way to spend quiet R&R with family and friends.

Marlborough Sounds – South Island

Looking for even more solitude amongst some of nature’s most glorious backdrops? Why not kayak along the Marlborough Sounds, South Island. Stiff hills and mountains slope upwards along the shore so the lovely green against the clear blue water of the sound is something for a picture book. This area of the South Island has three bodies of blue water including Kenepuru, Queen Charlotte and Pelorous Sound. As well, there are more than 50 reserves that are being managed by the Department of Conservation. Looking for some time in the heart of nature? The South Island and the Marlborough Sounds are exactly what you are looking for.

Everywhere on earth the economy isn’t what it was just a decade ago and that’s why so many families are looking for cheap or free activities to enjoy with the kids. Kayaking makes for a perfect adventure as you can stop along the way for a restful and delicious picnic before resuming your journey along the water. Knowing that New Zealand is comprised of the two main islands and that many of the free activities centre on water sports, those who come for fun in the sun should be good swimmers and have a solid understanding of the layout of the land. Kayaking is a great activity and loads of fun, but not for those who aren’t comfortable in and on the water. Those who are avid swimmers will have a real treat, but for land lubbers, clubbing in Auckland might be more your style. Even so, when looking for free activities, kayaking is where it’s at.

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