Baby It’s Cold Outside: Fun Winter Activities for Toddlers

Toddlers can be especially difficult in the cold of winter, so here are some fun things that will keep them happy and busy at the same time.

Snow Painting

Fill some bottles with water and food coloring. Now you have the perfect paints for outdoor fun. They’re non-toxic and won’t harm the kids or the environment. Go outside and encourage the kids to squirt the snow, make drawings, and have fun.

On freshly-fallen snow, there are few other activities that are this much fun.

They could be at it for hours depending on their imagination. And, the more colors you make, the more fun it will be. In fact, you could go outside and paint with them in the snow.

Snow Painting Inside (Version 2)

Another version of snow painting is to stay inside and make paints suitable for arts and crafts projects. Basically, you combine equal parts glue and shaving cream. Then, add food coloring, which will change the color of the basic white paint. You could make several batches of paint, leaving one white, and coloring the rest. Break out heavy-duty construction paper and have fun making arts and crafts. Get some glitter, and other crafting stuff, and your kids will have at it for hours – guaranteed.

Build A Snowman

Project snowman. Get outside and help your kids build one. Gather up clothes, like hats and scarves, and a pipe and eyes made out of stones (or coal if you can get your hands on some). Your basic snowman isn’t all that interesting. But, when you dress him up, it suddenly becomes a fun project that your kids will want to take part in.

If you have a favorite deceased pet (or even a living one), you could make a tribute to him or her by erecting a snow animal. Get a picture of your kids next to it when it’s done and put it in the scrapbook to show them when they’re older.

Stay Inside And Watch Movies

Stay inside and watch movies – sometimes it’s the most fun you can have on a cold, wintery day. If you’re on a ski vacation, for example, and just sick and tired of the cold, you could hold up in one of the many Mont Tremblant hotels near the resort and watch the tube or rent movies.

If you’re at home, fire up the Apple T.V., Chromecast, Roku, or pick up a DVD (old school) from Red Box or another DVD vendor.

Go To The Museum

Going to the museum can be fun if you turn it into an adventurous story. Museums that cater to kids are the best, with children’s museums, discovery zones, art and science museums being the best.

Find a place that offers guided tours, children’s programs, and exhibits that are kid-friendly. Your city or town probably has at least one of them, if not many.

Finding fun things to do when it’s cold outside can be tricky, and sometimes what’s needed isn’t an indoor activity, but an outdoor one that gets them moving and keeps them warm. With a little creativity, you can do it, and build memories that will last a lifetime.

Elise French is a Mom to twin girls. An avid fan of the snow, having grown up at a ski resort, her articles always revolve around snow in one shape or form! Her articles have been published on a whole host of parenting blogs.

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