Are You Wasting Time Washing Linens?

Most hospitality businesses and hotels don’t have the time or the facilities to wash their own linens and towels. Instead, they hire a specialist company that operates a laundering service. Not only is linen hire used for hotels, but it’s also used for restaurants and catering companies. Linen hire companies are able to offer commercial-grade linens across a range of different items. Any linen hire firm offers a range of goods such as towels, bed linens and even napkins. The most common items companies are looking for are bath mats, pillowcases, towels, duvet covers, bed sheets, tablecloths and napkins.

The way most linen hire services work is that a few sets of linens are agreed upon and delivered to the client. The number of sets is usually called a par. Pars can vary based on the number of times a bed might be changed a week or how many times the restaurant needs to set a table. Pars for bedroom sets are usually between three to five sets a week.

The laundry company collects the dirty linen and redelivers the laundered items that were collected the previous day. The delivery frequency varies from business to business and how well maintained their equipment are. With proper annual dryer vent cleaning and maintenance works, these businesses are usually quite dependable. The par and delivery will work in tandem to ensure the business never runs out of stock.

Basic Advantages

Utilising the services of a Manchester linen hire company has numerous different advantages.

One of the basic advantages is the ability to avoid tying up your money invested in linens. Many restaurant owners and hoteliers are not able to afford top-of-the-line linens when they first open their doors, and they don’t have to worry about that! A linen hire company will provide the most up-to-date linens when it comes to the industry your business is in. No longer do you have to worry about the cost of opening your doors when it comes to linens, and there is no need to worry about the future cost of linens when styles and décor change.

There’s flexibility in changing the style of linens in case the business style changes. Restaurants and hotels rely on their appearance, including the linens on their tables and beds, when it comes to impressing guests and keeping them coming back again. Without the latest linens, your business looks drab and old rather than new and exciting, and everyone prefers a new and exciting experience.

In addition, it’s a cost-effective service because the linens are replaced by the linen hire company when they are worn out at no cost to the business. Accidents happen and linens eventually wear out from normal usage, but your company doesn’t have to worry about replacing those linens when their lifespan is up. A good linen hire company will replace the linens at no charge to your company because they are responsible for the linens.

Lastly, the company ensures the linens are commercial grade and are of an excellent standard and quality. After all, the longer the linens last, the better off the linen hire company is and the better off you are because the linens will last both of you much longer than low-grade materials. Your guests will appreciate their dining experience or hotel stay being exceptional due to having the softest, nicest materials available.

Is Linen Hire for Your Company?

You might be wondering if your business is large enough or even important enough to have a linen hire service. It comes down to the amount of activity your business has year-round. If your business is seasonal with a long down season where you don’t have a lot of guests or customers, then it would be wise to Buy Janitorial Supplies Online and take the time to have them cleaned in-house. However, don’t disregard the idea of hiring linen service completely. Many companies offer the ability to change your order at will so you don’t have to settle for not having service at all or having an overstock of linens.

Consider a linen service if you own a hotel because they always have the most up-to-date sheets, duvet covers and bath towels on hand. You can also rent leisure towels if your hotel offers pool amenities or a gym. Look for 500- or 600-gram towels to ensure maximum comfort for your guests, and choose from the most up-to-date linens available for the décor of your rooms.

If you operate any type of kitchen, such as a hotel kitchen or the kitchen of a restaurant, consider obtaining your chef’s jackets from a linen hire company. Chef’s jackets almost always become stained, torn or just dingy in the kitchen, and no chef wants their guests to see them or their sous chefs and preppers wearing jackets that are dirty. Even consider ordering some plain shirts and simple pants for your staff in the kitchen to make everything look uniform.

Lastly, if you own any type of eatery, consider renting tablecloths and serviettes, or one or the other. Patrons and guests will appreciate a fresh set of linens on their table at every meal, and linens can be changed at any time to coordinate with the restaurant’s décor without any cost to the restaurant.

When looking for linen hire for your company’s needs, be sure to look for a company that offers replacement linens for any that are stained, torn or faded. In addition, being able to cancel or change your requirements at any time without a contract is one of the best ways to go. The linen industry is ever-changing, so knowing you have the option to tailor your order to your company’s requirements will give you peace of mind.

Operating a hotel, kitchen or restaurant is made easier when you know that the linens coming into your establishment are always cleaned and cared for properly, and the linens you’re sending out will be treated with the same respect. Most companies will benefit from utilising the services of linen hire for their business.

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