Adding a Little Spice to Your Regular Travel Routine

Look, travelling is not for everyone, as much as those of us who do love travelling cannot even begin to imagine how anyone could come to the realisation that they derive absolutely no pleasure out of it. I for one go into full holiday mode as soon as I wake up on the morning of my next trip and that is when everything starts for me. The excitement builds up from fitting the last item into my luggage as part of some last-minute packing and hits its peak by the time I’ve made my way to the airport to check-in.

You never really feel like the trip has kicked off proper until you’ve cleared customs at your destination though, but yeah, I just can’t imagine someone going through this experience and then discovering that it’s really just not for them. Anyway, each to their own…

The excitement of the very first international trip you take, for instance, sort of lingers in your mind forever and appears to get renewed on every other trip you take, especially if it’s for leisure purposes, so it really never gets old. However, if you evolve into a regular traveller then a travel ritual or routine begins to develop, which is somewhat of a kill-joy, as petty as this may sound. You start to feel like you’re merely going through the motions and certain things which you never really noticed before start annoying you.

When this happens you need to take a step back and breathe some new life into your traveller’s heart. As much as there are so many places in the world to see (which you simply won’t see in their entirety even if you’re permanently on the road), where we go and what we actually do as travellers tends to settle into a rather predictable selection of things. You’re going to stay somewhere and then perhaps hook up with other travellers and explore, but there are only a few things which are in the offing — well certainly a few things in terms of how we categorise them.

Throw in a Wild Card

I’ll reiterate that travelling never gets old for those of us who harbour some serious wanderlust, but there are definitely some of those times when I’d really like to experience something new, in a brand new way, if you know what I mean. Fortunately I have learned a nifty little trick in a bid to feed this desire. What I do is allocate a wild-card day on which I either participate in an activity which I didn’t priorly plan for, or I just leave the day’s proceedings up to a tour guide, like going on a La Jolla Kayak tour. The idea is that although I’ve been kayaking more times than I can count, something like this would be a kayaking tour with a difference.

Otherwise planning the rest of the getaway is always a good idea because then you won’t be tempted to let any minute go by without being out and about and exploring environments which are different to your typical environment back home.

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