A Travel Guide to Finland

The pristine nature, sparking waters, summer festivals, and Lapland trips during the winters are some of the numerous reasons to visit the often overlooked country Finland. It is divided into four regions, namely Lakeland, Lapland, Helsinki, and the Finland Archipelago. Experiencing the inspiring design of the country and the endless lakes and forests is indeed a mesmerizing experience.

Northern Lights – Finland

Reasons to visit Finland

The European country Finland has numerous highlights that are worth exploring. Hence, traveling to Finland with your family should definitely be on your bucket list. The region has mild summers, unlike its European neighbors, and hence you may enjoy your sightseeing activities without breaking into a sweat. Besides, communication is made easier as the official business language in the country is English.

Finland is also a huge treat for all food lovers. You may experience the country’s creative cuisine, right from Michelin-starred restaurants to delicious berries.

Finland is one of the best family holiday destinations as the country boasts of extremely low-level of crime rate, which makes it an ideal vacation spot for families and solo travelers.

Best time to visit

While there is no specific best time to visit the country, you may decide the time of your travel based on what you like to experience. If you enjoy mild weather, a visit during the early summer months is recommended. If you wish to experience the Northern Lights, you may visit during between late August and April. The month of April is ideal for activities such as winter sports and sledding. You may plan your travel during the period September–October if you wish to witness the change of season into autumn.

Places to visit

The main point of entry for most tourists into the country is Helsinki. This place is popular for art galleries, restaurants, museums, as well as shopping. The famous tourist spots in Helsinki are Fortress of Suomenlinna, Temppeliaukio Church, Helsinki tram system, Seurasaari Island and Open-Air Museum. You may also visit numerous other places, such as Levi, Tampere, Aland Archipelago, Kemi, Lakeland, Turku, Porvoo, Savonlinna, and Rovaniemi.

Things to do

Finland offers a diversity of activities for tourists. You may indulge in numerous activities with your family such as archery, kayaking, canoeing, boat trips, hiking, cross-country skiing, and much more. You may also participate in numerous Finnish festivals and whizz across the snow on traditional Arctic sleds. Additionally, you may escape into the snow-covered wilderness and enjoy the culture of the country. Most importantly, you may view the spectacular Northern Lights during late August to April.

Finland indeed has a lot to offer and is hence is one of the popular holiday destinations. The Finnish way of life emphasizes on relaxation and exploration. You may visit the country during your summer holidays and delve into its summer cottage culture.

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