8 Ways Solo Travelers Can Enjoy Doing in East Africa

Traveling away to a peaceful place is some people’s way of getting a break from all the busy chatters of a city life. An absolutely perfect way to do this is to travel to East Africa and enjoy a scenic view of Mother Nature. East Africa, which includes Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda, is a region filled with breath-taking sceneries, rich culture, and welcoming people.

If you’re one of the solitary souls seeking to travel to the region and try out the African safari, then you must first know how you can fully enjoy yourself.

  1. Save a considerable amount of money

Traveling to Africa may cost you a little bit more than what you expect. You’ll never know if you’d need to go to the hospital for a checkup or you need to transfer hotels. It is important to have backup money just in case of emergencies.

  1. Time your travel

It is wise to plan your travel during the dry season in order to get the best experience Africa has to offer. It is during this time of the year that wildlife and nature are in its top shape. Take note that this is also the most expensive and busiest time of the year.

  1. Find a good guide

It may be hard to find a good guide, but you still have to make sure that he has a good eye for the African wildlife and knows the different beautiful spots in the region. If you want to save, you can get a package and find drivers who are officially licensed tour guides.

  1. National parks

Africa is filled with parks where magnificent wildlife and nature are preserved. These parks have their own perks and quirks. In order to gain access to these parks, travelers have to pay a fee, which is charged by the day. There is also a separate fee for private vehicles.

  1. Getting a package tour

There are many companies who offer package tours for tourists who want to avoid potential hassles during their stay. These packages cover everything from food, lodging, transportation, and fees. Tourists can choose between pre-made itineraries, or they can come up with their own customized package.

  1. My Safari

Another way to enjoy the African safari is to make your own itinerary. There are companies where you can rent your own vehicle, allowing you to do the things you want at your own pace. Vehicles can also be rented with a full-time driver included.

  1. Hotel or Tent

Travelers can choose between a multi-star studded hotel or a private tent under the stars. There are many lodges and hotels depending on the national park you chose. Just keep in mind that you need to book the hotel you have chosen in advance especially during peak season. If you opted for the camping option, there are natural parks with designated campgrounds, which you can rent for a reasonable fee. Permits to do so can only be arranged on your chosen national park.

  1. Mingle with people

Africa is a continent rich in culture. Socialize with the people and learn their story. Share a seat with a stranger. You may be surprised with the new things you will learn from your new friend.

There are a lot of amazing things to see and experience in East Africa. It is a guaranteed getaway for the solitary soul in need of a refreshing encounter with Mother Nature.


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