8 Top Places for camping in the UK

Camping gives you an opportunity to closely connect with nature. When you pitch a tent in the middle of a forest or hill, you don’t get disturbed by the usual street lights or blaring horns. Instead, you are under the moon’s light, and all you hear are the bustling of the leaves and birds chirping.

Filled with natural beauty, there are a lot of places worth camping in the UK. But of course, it can be difficult to choose when you have such a big list.

In case you are still confused, here are 8 top places for camping in the UK:

1.    Ayr Holiday Park

Located right near the holiday resorts of St Ives and Cornish fishing port, Ayr Holiday Park is a rather popular spot among surfers because of its proximity to the Porthmeor Beach. So, if you are a fan of the sun and the sand, this is exactly where you should be headed.

The facilities around the park include a wet room for wet suits, hot water, hair dryers, a game room and a play area for the kids as well. With many great restaurants around St Ives, you will never have to worry about food as well.

2.    Cleadale

In the Isle of Eigg lies this scenic campsite which is so beautiful that even JRR Tolkien fell in love with it. A wonderful and wild setting, the campsite doesn’t have the flattest pitches, but that is what makes it so interesting.

If you are someone who loves discovering cliffs and wild trees, you shouldn’t miss experiencing Cleadale. Since the place is on a rather off-beaten path, so you won’t find many places to rent camps. You can check gooutdoors.co.uk for the best camp gear offered at discounted price and get it delivered to your home for free; you can take it with you, wherever you go.

3.    Bay View Farm

The view from this amazing site in Cornwall includes West Loe, Hanner Fore, and waters over St George’s Island. The Bay View Farm is a popular destination for campers, and that is why you can find here electrical hook-ups, hot showers, and even Wi-Fi. There are also wooden huts here which you can try staying in. But if it gets too cold, Eden Project is just a few minutes away.

4.    Turner Hall Farm

A favourite of hikers and climbers, the Turner Hill Farm provides a gorgeous location. As you see the long-grassed and boulder-strewn landscape, you are quickly transcended to a calmer and more peaceful state of mind. It is a low key campsite, so you can expect to find just a few campers here. Also, don’t expect to find many places to rent a camp, the best idea would be to get camp gear with you and pitch the tent yourself.

5.    Burnbake Campsite

Close to the sunny and sandy beaches of the Studland Bay, the Burnbake Campsite is a crowd favourite and it also has a neat cycle path for you to enjoy. Swanage and Corfe Castle is a few miles away, so there is a lot to do during the day.

Since its pretty popular, you will find many facilities here like cooking equipment, bathrooms, washing machines, and baby changing facilities. But remember to turn up early, or you might miss a good spot.

6.    Swattesfield

Situated in the deep wilderness of North Suffolk, the Swattesfield is a seven-acrewide campsite with two sections surrounded by woodland and separated by a lake. Only been open for a few years, it’s the perfect place to relax on a sunny day and take casual strolls around the park. You can either opt to rent out one of wood cabins available here with a deck and wooden equipment, or you can get your own camp gear.

7.    Shell Island

With 300 acres of the camping site, the Shell Island is truly a magical spot and one of the biggest camping sites in the entire Europe. Because islands encompass you, there are a lot of amazing camping spots for you to choose from – sheltered fields, sand dunes, or cliff tops.

You can also pitch near the seashore which is very close to the beach. On the island, you can find tracks, great restaurants, pubs, shopping centers, laundry service, and free hot showers.

8.    Oak Grove Retreat

Just 200 yards wide, the Oak Grove Retreat is right across the River Wye, giving you the complete old country vibe. There are three separate areas to tent here, including one in the semi-wild area, and you will be able to see the river from all the three sites. There are also places to do kayaking, mountain biking, and canoeing here. But remember to inquire the prices for the same in advance.

Are you reading to go camping in the UK?

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