5 Best Bucks Party Destinations in Australia

If you’ve been given charge of a bucks party, you have the task of making your best friend’s last few nights as a bachelor unforgettable. It’s no easy task, but all the best bucks party destinations are in Australia so look no further. Australia is full of exciting cities with an assortment of nightclubs and thrilling daytime activities among natural beauty. Narrow down your best bucks party destinations to one of the following five Australian locales.

Gold Coast

The Australian Gold Coast has world class beaches and plenty of great party spots making it an excellent choice. Bucks party planners are prepared to help customize your affair. if you desire, they will make sure to include bikini waitresses in your buck party.

A boat cruise is a good way to go for a Gold Coast bucks party. Sail by day or party the night away with food, booze, and entertainment onboard. Back on shore, you will find the Gold Coast to be Australia’s playground with beaches, bars, and theme parks. Spend a day with your mates experiencing blood pumping thrills at Dreamworld. Later, you can check out the Gold Coast’s best nightclubs like The Bedroom, the Stingray Bar, and Sin City.


Brisbane has the reputation of being THE place to celebrate the groom’s last weekend of freedom. The capital of Queensland has endless options for day and night activities. Brisbane bucks party planners are on standby to help you arrange anything from classy to trashy. Choose activities like sailing cruises, go-karting, paintball, poker, and more. From Southbank to “Bris-Vegas,” your guys will stay busy from dawn to dusk. If adult X-rated events with a topless waitress and female strippers are on your agenda, bucks party planners in Brisbane can deliver.


Melbourne is the party hub of Australia with hundreds of clubs and pubs along with some of the nation’s most iconic venues. The coastal capital of Victoria has a wide range of accommodations. Choose an exotic penthouse or book a budget hotel to stay longer. Fill your days with paintball, golf, or other games. Melbourne is home to some of the nation’s top breweries. Consider a brewery tour complete with a delicious BBQ lunch.

Poker and adult entertainment are the perfect nighttime activities in Melbourne. Some of the top clubs in Melbourne to sample include Glamorama, The Emerson, and 29th Apartment. Book a Yarra riverboat cruise for the next day and let the scenery soothe away the groups’ hangovers.


One of Australia’s major cities, Sydney has long been one of best buck party destinations. The city has an overwhelming list of daytime activities to choose from. Go-karting and paintball are popular in Sydney and a private harbour cruise is a must-do for your buck party. Enjoy food, drinks, entertainment, and sexy surprises for the groom. A topless waitress and female strippers are the norms for buck party cruises in Sydney. It’s a great way to transition to nighttime buck party activities in Sydney. Take in a comedy club, join a pub crawl, or settle in at one of Sydney’s fine old-style gentlemen’s clubs.

Airlie Beach

If you and your guys gravitate toward sandy beaches, girls clad in skimpy bikinis, and perhaps enjoy throwing out the rod and reel, plan a bucks party boat cruise to Airlie Beach. Shute Harbor is known to be one of Australia’s best fishing spots. The groom will get a manly thrill wrestling a massive Marlin from the waters. Airlie Beach also has some of the best snorkeling around. The area’s protected bays and crystal blue waters provide colorful ocean life to commune with. On the way back to shore, you can kick back with a few brews and soak up the sun while planning one of the groom’s last nights as a bachelor.

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