5 Beautiful Gardens You Must Visit in Your Lifetime

There’s something special about being in the midst of a thriving garden that’s lush with majestic plant life. Most likely it’s the colors and aromas of the different botanical species having a calming and relaxing effect on your mood, but whatever it is, the feeling is certainly tangible in every great garden. A great garden obviously requires a lot of work to maintain, but this can make enjoying your own garden even sweeter. Maintenance involves pruning, trimming, planting, watering and weeding (you can search “tree removal company near me” if you have a tree in need of felling), and it can be exhausting work. Sometimes it can be nice to simply enjoy someone else’s garden, which can also give you inspiration for your own. If you’ve made it your mission to see the world’s greatest gardens, here are five world-famous options that every traveler should start with:

1. Na ‘Aina Kai Botanical Gardens

The Na ‘Aina Kai Botanical Gardens in Hawaii is accompanied by an impressive sculpture park and a plantation of old hardwood trees that add a mystical and magical feel to the place. There’s also a remarkable maze of bushes that have been shaped into an exotic tribal design, as well as several inspiring fountains and walking bridges. If a seaside paradise garden sounds like your cup of tea, heading to Na ‘Aina Kai on your next vacation might be worth considering. This is also one of the most popular gardens mentioned on mygardeningnetwork.com.

2. Jardim Botânico

The Jardim Botânico, also known as the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden, is easily one of Brazil’s most beautiful places. With a long history as an imperial garden that has been active for hundreds of years, the site is home to an exceptional variety of tree and plant species – more than 6,000 to be exact. With more than 140 hectares of land, the park is situated under the right arm of the famous Christ the Redeemer mega statue.

3. The Butchart Gardens

Butchart Gardens in British Columbia is perhaps the best garden in Canada and is definitely worth visiting any time you’re in the area. Regularly ranked as one of the leading display gardens in the world, this must-see attraction brings in more than one million visitors each year. In addition to a top-notch collection of plants, this garden is also home to a variety of ornamental birds from around the world.

4. Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden

Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden in Thailand is a 500-acre garden that was originally developed as a tropical plant and wildlife conservation project back in the 1950’s. In the 1980’s, the garden was opened to the public and ever since it has attracted visitors from around the world who come to see its fantastical display of organized natural beauty.

5. Koishikawa-Kōrakuen Gardens

Koishikawa-Kōrakuen is a centuries-old garden that is now an urban park situated within the Tokyo metropolis. It has been remarkably preserved and maintained since its inception in 1629 and is known as one of only three surviving daimyō gardens – the other two being Hama Rikyū and Rikugi-en.

Adding More Gardens to Your Bucket List

Finally, now that you’re ready to book a flight to all of the aforementioned destinations, it may be a good idea to further research famous gardens to see if there are any others that you might prefer to visit before those listed above.

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