5 Awesome Bucks Night Ideas in Sydney

Let’s say you and your Sydney boys have a bucks night on the horizon, but you’re coming up empty. You’ve fallen into the habit of going to the same spots on the same evenings with the same pals. Things are starting to feel a little stale, and you’re looking to make it a special night for the groom-to-be. There’s a few things to consider in your plan; cost, fun, and putting them together to get the most of your evening. Here are a few bucks night ideas in Sydney that will fit any groom and his mates.

1. Pub tour

For a more esteemed fellow, a pub tour is a chance to learn the history of Sydney’s oldest establishment and cruise the best cocktail bars Sydney has to offer. With companies like Sydney Pub Tours, booking a tour can be done in a few easy steps, with each group assigned a tour guide to lead the way. If you like a bit of history with your brew, a Sydney pub tour is a great fit for you.

2. Nightclubs

We’ve offered some unique suggestions, but Sydney nightlife is never short of options. Sydney nightclubs are some of the best in the world. Check out this list of the 10 best nightclubs in Sydney. Whether you like a bouncing dance floor with a killer DJ or a multi-level bar with a full kitchen menu and pool tables, Sydney nightclubs guarantee a good time before your big day. If you enjoy smoking while having a few drinks, you can also consider investing in a tobacco pipe and cigars. You can buy smoking pipes from Online Smoke to carry with you when you decide to explore nightlife and clubs in Sydney for a memorable experience. Exploring nightclubs could be a promising recreational activity where you can indulge in new adventures.

3. Paintballing

If you like a touch of adventure in your Sydney nightlife, paintballing may be the perfect activity for your bucks night out. Echuca Paintball offers offers Australia’s first and only Nite Paintball Games, using special glow-in-the-dark paintballs, and a range of different, dimly lit fields to battle in darkness. Nite games are available to book 7 nights a week, beginning at sundown and ending around 11pm. This is the perfect bucks night activity for a few daring lads who prefer shooting and dodging to sitting on pub stools.

4. Sydney Harbour Cruise

If you’d like to hit the high seas, then all aboard the party boat! Plan an evening cruise for your bucks night on the Sydney Harbour, with drinks and food or arranged catering. Cruise options includes a front cushioned deck, covered upstairs deck with tables and chairs, and dance floor with special effects lighting. You can even supply your own soundtrack over their professional sound system with ipod connector. A BBQ on the back deck and swimming platform gives you the full party experience at sea, with two full ice chests to keep your brews frosty and the good times rolling. For a special treat, the cruise can also has the best party strippers such as these gorgeous girls at Centrefold Bucks Cruises, with optional topless or skimpy waitresses to enhance the evening. The average cruise can accommodate up to 26 people for the ultimate, blow-out bucks night event.

5. The Comedy House

For an alternative, fully-clothed entertainment, a night of comedy one of the most fun and unexpected bucks party activities Sydney can offer. Based in Kings Cross, the comedy house has an array of acts every Saturday night to get you and your bucks rolling in laughter. Show starts at 8pm and include two food options of finger foods and entrees or entree and main course. Check out the link for more details and booking information.

Lastly, let’s say you just want a fun night out, without the bells and whistles. Why not try a poker game? With ‚Äč20 poker tables in one room, Star Poker has 24/7 access to a main gaming floor with full table service for food and drinks. Weekly poker tournaments take place throughout the year, but private games are also available. If your bucks night is ready for a buy-in to an unforgettable night, Star Poker may be your best bet.

As you can see, there are a number of available ways to make your bucks night special for the groom and groomsmen alike. Whether you enjoy a guided pub tour, a nightly game of paintball or showing your dance moves, Sydney can fit your needs. If a party on the high seas, hearty laughs, or a poker night are more your speed, you are still in the right place. Allow the city to be the palette in creating the portrait of a perfect evening for your bucks night. Enjoy!

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