4 Tips for Organizing a Kayaking Group in Your Area

Most of us who love kayaking would prefer to do it with a group of people, not only for safety reasons, but also for the social aspect of it. What fun is it slashing through a river on a rampage and catching a major thrill only to enjoy it in solitude? No, kayaking is undeniably a group sport, even just for the fact that being out on the river by yourself can be dangerous. The problem many kayakers have is that they only get to do it every once in a while because they simply don’t know enough people who go kayaking to have frequent group sessions. If that sounds like a familiar dilemma, consider starting a kayaking group in your area with the help of the following tips:

1. Use Posters and Flyers

One of the best ways to let other kayaking enthusiasts know about your group is to leave a poster at an area that is frequented by kayakers, advertising the next kayaking date or contact information for the group’s leadership. You could also hand out these posters to other kayakers in-person and introduce yourself to increase your chances of finding a new member.

2. Create a Facebook Page

Facebook is a great place to find people who like the same interests as you. You could start a fan page or group related to kayaking and use that as a medium to find and interact with other kayakers in your region. This is an excellent way to set up kayaking sessions on-the-spot because you can post a status update and it will instantly be visible to all members of the group. You’ll also be able to contact all the members conveniently via private messaging on a single platform, rather than having to make phone calls.

3. Use Classified Ad Sites

Sites like Craigslist are great platforms for putting out ads looking for other kayakers to be a part of your group. Chances are you might even find a pre-existing ad that is searching for other kayakers. You could also contact people who have kayaking equipment for sale to ask if it’s something they might be interested in. Such cold calling night not seem appealing to some, but it’s such a simple thing to do and every member counts.

4. Get Out and Meet People

Last, but definitely not least, instead of relying solely on the aforementioned methods of finding new members, don’t forget to mention your group to other kayakers when you’re out enjoying the river. The best place to find other kayakers is obviously at a spot where kayaking takes place, so keep that in mind when you’re hesitating to go to the river because you don’t have anyone to bring with you – there might already be some people there who would be interested.

Finally, if there aren’t many people who kayak in your area or you’ve got your sights set on new rivers and challenges, don’t hesitate to expand the group to encompass other regions when you’ve got the time.

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