3 SUP Exercises Anyone Can Do

When it comes to getting onto the water during the summer months, there is one activity that has picked up a lot of steam in recent years – paddle boarding (SUP). You have probably noticed a few people floating around on what looks like a surfboard, however, they are holding a paddle and standing, facing forwards. The new craze has taken off like a rocket, and you can find people enjoying the new water activity on small lakes, large lakes and even in rivers and harbors. There are many benefits to using a stand-up paddleboard, and these include the fact that it is a great workout. Here we discuss three exercises that anyone can do with their SUP.

Up and Overs

This exercise might seem simple at first, but since the odds that you will find yourself falling from your board are pretty good, you might as well learn to do it. With your body in the water next to your board, reach one arm all the way across your board. Once you have a good grip, go ahead and pull your body onto the board, pulling your knees up and under your body. This exercise is a great way to learn how to get back on your board should you fall from it.

Donkey Calf Raise

Because you don’t have much room on a stand-up paddleboard, movement exercises are limited.  However, the donkey calf raise is one that you can do with the little room you have, and not only is it a great tool for stretching your muscles, it feels great as well. With your feet positioned about hip-width apart, bend at the hips (using the paddle for balance), keep your back flat, and your arms stretched out in front of you.  Now, lift your heels, pressing into the board with your toes. Slowly move your heels back to the board while maintaining balance.

Kneeling Leg Raises

Getting a good workout that can tighten your backside, and work your hips and your legs at the same time might sound hard, but the kneeling leg raise will do the trick. While kneeling on the board, with your hands down in front of you about shoulder width apart, suck in your abs and push your right leg outward at a 45-degree angle from your body. Move your leg towards the water, making sure you touch the water with your toes. That is one rep. Complete 10-20 of these each cycle and feel the burn the entire time.

Stand-up paddleboarding is a great way to work out all the core muscles in your body, and that is if you purely stand on it and try to keep your balance.  These simple, yet effective, workouts are a great addition to the main core workout. If you are interested in getting a stand-up paddleboard, do the research and find out which one is right for you. For beginners, reading inflatable SUP reviews might be a good place to start.

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