3 Reasons to Choose Serviced Apartments over Airbnb This Summer

With summer coming up fast, it’s the best time to book accommodation for your trip this summer. Whether you are planning a city break to a great city such as Bristol or a beach vacation, it is important that you get the accommodation aspect just right. A serviced apartment is the best choice for many reasons; here are the three big benefits.

  1. Location

Serviced apartments are built with the perfect location in mind. For example, Beech House in Bristol is set up in Clifton. Clifton is the heart of Bristol as it is easy to reach everything from this point. It sets you up for a short walk into town, a short walk up to the suspension bridge and a short walk in any direction to anything you may want to see; it’s set up perfectly!

  • Amenities

They also come packed and surrounded by everything you may need. The thing that sets a serviced apartment from another accommodation type is that they’re filled with home comforts and everything you may need, you even get your room cleaned as often as you wish.

The greatest amenity available at serviced apartments is the high quality and fully kitted out kitchen that is present in them all. This means you can save money on food costs on your trip and cook your own meals as often as you wish.

  • Style and Design

If you are looking to travel in style, look no further. Serviced apartments are specifically and carefully designed with high standards of design. They’re often punched with luxury and are filled with comfortable yet elegant furnishings.

Built with you in mind, these apartments will give you all the comforts and home and (contrary to most accommodation options) you won’t want to leave at the end of your stay.

What are you waiting for? Book your stay at Beech House serviced apartments in Bristol for the best place to enjoy and explore the city from.

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