3 Of The Best Places For Camping In The UK

From the Scottish Highlands to the White Cliffs of Dover, to ancient forests, to amazing sea views – the land has it all. It’s not hard to find adventure in the UK at all – especially if you are looking for unique holidays! Campers, especially, will delight in the fact that there are thousands of campsites. Whether you are into tent camping, caravanning, hammock camping, and even glamping – it’s there. To narrow down your options, we’ve made a list of the best campsites the UK has to offer.

#1 The Red Squirrel Campsite, Glencoe, Scotland

Situated in the beautiful countryside in Glencoe, Argyll, is the 22-acre Red Squirrel Campsite. Within 10 miles of the campsite, are the Glencoe Walks, Signal Rock Walks, and Pap of Glencoe. These are some of the most scenic and picturesque places in Scotland.

The campsite has more than what you need for comfortable camping. On-site facilities include toilets, hot showers, wifi, hot and cold drinking water, and a place for washing dirty clothes and dishes. There’s even a charging station for your phones and gadgets (which is only 1 pound). There are also established fire spots for small fires, but you can only use them between 7am and 11pm. Within two miles from the facility, there’s a food shop, petrol station, restaurants, hotel, and even indoor heated pool.

This site is open all year round, with each season offering dramatic backdrops. No wonder the Harry Potter movies shot a lot of scenes here – it’s magical!

What campers have to say:

Aside from the convenient campsites and the nearby activities, many say that the staff are friendly and the facilities are clean. However, many are also saying that they need to update some of their facilities, like the washing area. Some sites are also more loud than others, due to many campers.

#2 Ocean Pitch Campsite, Croyde, Devon

If camping isn’t your cup-of-tea, this place will make you rethink that because they have amazing facilities. They’re known for glamping (glamour camping), but they also have facilities for your tents, camper vans, and trade vans, but unfortunately none for caravans. Nevertheless, it’s still a great place. They have hot showers, free wiFi, washing basins, charging stations, and electric hook-ups. There are also many other conveniences like snack shops, tent rentals, surf boards, stand up paddle boards, and more.

Ocean Pitch Campsite is located at the northern point of Croyde Bay and only less than a 5-minute walk away.

What campers have to say:

Almost all the feedback from the visitors are positive. They note that location is excellent, the facilities are well maintained, and that the staff are very accommodating. They also recommend the glamping experience.

#3 Rothiemurchus Camp and Caravan (Cairngorms National Park)

Cairngorms National Park is the largest national park in the UK and is where you’ll Caledonian Pine Forest. It’s home to amazing wildlife, but also some endangered species. The park has some incredible walking and biking trails that are both challenging and rewarding.

At the heart of the park lies Rothiemurchus, a great place to start your Cairngorms adventure. You can camp at Rothiemurchus Camp and Caravan Site, which is only around ten minutes away from the Rothiemurchus Center. There are many other campsites in the area, as well as restaurants, canoe/kayak rentals, quad bike rentals, and more.

The campsites are right beneath the towering Caledonian pine trees. There is a heated amenity building, equipped with showers, toilets, laundry, and dishwashing area.

What campers have to say:

Most campers have positive feedback about the campsite. First, it’s a great place to kick-start your Cairngorms exploration. There’s also the many activities around the area – quad bikes, trail biking, hiking, paddling, etc. The facilities are basic and well maintained, and there are also lots of activities around the area.

However, some also say that the facilities are not enough, especially during the busy season. More often than not, the campsites are full.

Tips for camping in the UK

Aside from the basics regarding your camp equipment and gear, here are some that I highly recommend for camping in the UK.

  • Familiarize yourself with the regulations of the place. Some campsites will allow pets, while others won’t; some have specific campfire regulation, etc.
  • Have a campbox to keep your items organized. It helps you, your family, or your group stay organized.
  • Get a decent cool box/cooler and bring your favorites. Some places are far from convenience stores or groceries and I always tell campers to bring comfort food. There’s a lot you can choose from, but take note of its insulation capacity and ease of use. I highly recommend a wheeled coolers for ease of transport.
  • Keep warm. No matter what season, you should always have some extra layers because the temperature drops significantly at night. I also suggest that your things have some water resistance/proofing.
  • Always have flipflops or sandals for showers and relaxation time. You would not want to go barefoot in shower rooms that so many people have used, even if the facilities are kept clean.


There you have it – 3 of the best places to camp in the UK. I tried to keep it simple and straightforward so you wouldn’t have to choose from too many. I also tried to make each place different – from mountains, to beach, then to forrest. There are so many more great places to camp, but this helps you get started.

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Warren Kuhn is an outdoor and camping enthusiast, always out to seek for the thrill and adrenaline that only nature gives. He even took up survival training to prepare him for the worst-case scenarios while outdoors.

With his background, you can learn a lot from him so you can get the most out of your camping trip at TheCampingTrips.

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